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Songs of Strength [Tape]
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  • Tape (2 Audio Cassettes)
  • Year Released: 1998
  • Content: Music and Lecture
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Music has dramatic power to help us through times of trial and stress. Dr. Ballam’s poignant and charming anecdotal experiences and beloved musical examples will bring you solace, strength, and hope.

Dr. Ballam is well-known for his work in the world of opera, musical theatre, and motion pictures, and has dozens of albums to his credit. With all of his professional and academic achievements, he is most comfortable at the bedside of a terminally ill patient singing a favorite melody of hope, or volunteering in the classroom enlightening children as he shares the magic and wonder of Mozart and Beethoven.

Dedicated to Nate Kofford, whose memory gives us eternal strength

Songs Include:
  1. Blue Birds Over the White Cliffs of Dover  - Listen   
  2. Granada  - Listen   
  3. The Impossible Dream  - Listen   
  4. You're an Eagle  - Listen   
  5. I've Told Evry Little Star  - Listen   
  6. Let Me Call You Sweetheart  - Listen   
  7. The Lord's Prayer  - Listen   
  8. Teach Me to Die  - Listen   
  9. I'll Walk With God  - Listen   
  10. My Dearest Little One  - Listen   
  11. Homing  - Listen   
  12. I'll Be Seeing You  - Listen   
  13. Goin' Home  - Listen   
  14. The Twenty-Third Psalm  - Listen   
  15. What a Wonderful World  - Listen   
  16. Old Man River  - Listen   
  17. How Firm A Foundation  - Listen   
  18. Shall We Gather By The River  - Listen   

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