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May 19, 2024 6:19:38 PM
Stand as a Witness [Tape]
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  • Tape (2 Audio Cassettes)
  • Year Released: 2000
  • Content: Music and Lecture
  • Only Available at MichaelBallam.com

     For the first time on tape, Michael and Vanessa Ballam blend their voices in word and song in this life-changing tape of encouragement and hope for youth, their parents, and leaders. This compelling tape will help you find the courage to stand up for principles of integrity and right amidst the opposition and trials of today. Through the music and stories they share, you will discover tools that can give you the strength to truly "Stand as a Witness" of Him.

     Both Vanessa and Michael sang before they could talk, and have spent a lifetime sharing their talents together to uplift and inspire others.

     With a PhD in Music, Michael is well-known in both academic and musical circles throughout the world. His remarkable performing and speaking career spans three continents, yet his proudest moments come not from the accolades on the stage, but in those tender moments of helping others find peace and joy through the wonder of music.

     Vanessa has followed her father's footsteps of both performance and service. She is equally comfortable in legitimate theatre, musical theatre and grand opera. Her past year has been a year filled with service throughout the state, with well over 700 appearances including schools, hospitals, legislature, civic groups, Special Olympics, and countless firesides. She has touched the lives and hearts of thousands with her vibrant talent and testimony.

Songs Include:

  • His Image in Your Countenance
  • We Seek After These Things
  • I Have No Hands But Thine
  • Come Unto Him

Songs Include:
  1. His Image in Your Countenance  
  2. We Seek After These Things  
  3. I Have No Hands But Thine  
  4. Come Unto Him  

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