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Jun 14, 2024 1:44:44 PM
Catch the Spirit [Tape]
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  • Price:  $9.95 $1.50 (85% Off)
  • Tape (1 Audio Cassette)
  • Year Released: 1998
  • Content: Music and Lecture
  • Only Available at MichaelBallam.com

Especially For Youth, Leaders, and Parents

Relying on the Spirit is essential in these exciting and troublesome times. This life-changing presentation can help you and those you love develop the power within, given by God to all, to recognize truth and always keep the Spirit.

Dr. Ballam will show you the tools, including inspired music, that will help you judge the source of inspiration and power in your life. A must for all youth, parents, and leaders.

Dedicated to Nate Kofford, who truly caught the Spirit!

Songs Include:

  • “Open Your Heart”
  • “Bring Him Home”
  • “How Excellent Is Thy Name”
  • And many more
Songs Include:
  1. Open Your Heart  
  2. Bring Him Home  
  3. How Excellent Is Thy Name  

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