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Jun 14, 2024 12:11:08 PM
Music and the Mind Expanded Set [CD]
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  • Price:  $24.95
  • CD (4 Audio Compact Discs)
  • Year Released: 2007
  • Content: Music and Lecture

Explore the profound effects of music on learning and behavior. Dr. Ballam discusses the mechanics of why music from the Baroque period, specifically Handel’s Water Music, aids in comprehension and retention.

Dr. Ballam tells the story of Clive, a professional conductor, who lost the ability to retain information in short or long term memory through an illness which attacked the lining of his brain. Clive was able to regain his brain functions when conducting music from the Baroque and Renaissance period.

This expanded set also includes More Music and the Mind. Discover music's amazing positive power to enhance learning by increasing spatial reasoning, cognitive and math skills. Examine music's helpful effects in dealing with challenges such as attention deficit disorder, dyslexia, autism, seizures and Alzheimer's. Dr. Ballam enhances these extraordinary talks by singing several musical examples. This set is perfect for parents, educators, youth, or anyone who is interested in enhancing and magnifying the power of their mind.

Songs Include:
  1. Without a Song  
  2. Poor Babes in the Woods  
  3. There's a Long Long Trail  
  4. Invictus  
  5. Two Little Shoes  
  6. I Dream of Jeannie  
  7. It Came Upon a Midnight Clear  
  8. How Will They Know?  
  9. The Lost Chord  
  10. Brahms Lullaby  
  11. I Have a Testimony  
  12. Some Enchanted Evening  
  13. There's a Long Long Trail  
  14. Keep the Home Fires Burning  
  15. Thanks for the Music  

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