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David Played on His Harp [Tape]
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  • Tape (1 Audio Cassette)
  • Year Released: 1990
  • Content: Music and Lecture
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David was the mighty King of Judah who united the nation of Israel; the prophet whose heart was "like unto the Lord's"; the miraculous singer and psalmist; the great dreamer; the courageous giant-slayer, the troubled father; the man flawed by grave sins bringing about 20 years of personal trial. And yet he was much more: he learned self-reflection, control, chivalry, generosity, dependence on God, contrition, and endurance to the end.

From whence came his strength? Learn about David's miraculous voice, a voice which changed history, from the voice of Michael Ballam, acclaimed singer, author, lecturer, and PhD in Music, assisted by his children, Vanessa and Nicholas.

Michael Ballam has performed over 600 times in leading roles in musical theatre and opera with the major U.S. opera companies. He has appeared on international television and in 20 PBS Radio broadcasts from the stages of San Francisco and Chicago Operas, L.A. Music Center, Philadelphia, and the Kennedy Center. He has lectured before audiences from Athens, Barcelona, and the Soviet Union with command performances at the Vatican and the White House. He is a Professor of Music at Utah State University, and he and his wife, Laurie, are the parents of five children.

Songs Include:

  • The King of Love My Shepherd

Songs Include:
  1. The King of Love My Shepherd  

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